History of the Pascagoula Fire Dept.

Scranton Station

​-Pascagoula Fire Department was formed on October 22nd 1883 as Scranton Fire Company No. 1 (Scranton Mississippi). 35 members paid 1 dollar to join.

​-1884 Scranton Fire Company No. 1 received its first hand pumped engine, bell and hose carriage.

​-1893 Scranton Fire Company No. 1 had 2 volunteer fire companies: Scranton Fire Company No. 1 & Pascagoula Colored Fire Company No. 1 Scranton Fire Company No. 1 formed a marching band brass band. This band performed all along the gulf coast from Pensacola Fl. to Gulfport Ms.

​-1904 City of Pascagoula was formed and Scranton Fire Company No. 1 changed its name to Pascagoula Fire Company No. 1 May 23rd.

​ -1913 Lake Avenue Fire Company formed- 27 members May 21st 1919 Pascagoula Fire Company No.1 was called along with Biloxi Fire Co.’s to assist Mobile Fire Department for a major conflagration. 40 blocks burned leaving 1200 homeless and 200 homes destroyed. June 19th.

​ -1921 downtown Pascagoula burned. 57 buildings were consumed including the original fire station. Biloxi, Gulfport and Mobile fire departments were called for assistance. By the time help arrived, reports say those departments were only able to extinguish remaining embers. July 11th 1921 Pascagoula Central Fire Company No. 1 receives its first piece of motorized apparatus. This was a triple combination pump, chemical and hose car. It was motor driven, could pump 600 gallons/ minute and cost $11,350.00 October 22nd.

​-1924 new fire station completed (Scranton Restaurant) In its day this station was the most modern in the regional area. February 18th.

​ -1928 Pascagoula hired its first full-time engineers. They were paid 100 dollars/ month April 17th.

​-1952 Hummingbird accident occurred along the railroad tracks at Pascagoula Street. Assistant Chief Klein Thornton, Firefighter Dewitt Monroe and volunteer Joe Williams were killed. Chief Jimmy Hudson survived but was critically injured.

​-1960s Pascagoula Fire Department became an all career department. Today Pascagoula Fire Department has 54 on-shift personnel, 4 administrative positions and a mechanic serving the residents of the city.