Curbside Pick-Up Services

Curbside Pick-Up Services are provided to residents and businesses within the city limits of Pascagoula and include Household Garbage Pick-Up, Recycling Pick-Up, & Yard Debris/Bulky Items Pick-Up.  Curbside pick-up services are currently provided by WastePro and fees for these services are included in your monthly utility bill.  


Pick-Up Schedule

Household garbage, recycling, and yard debris/bulky items are picked up by three different trucks/drivers, but should all be picked up on the same day.  The City is split up into 5 curbside pick-up routes, one route for each day of the week Monday - Friday.  See the Curbside Pick-Up Weekly Schedule map to determine what day is your normal curbside pick-up day.

Refuse Receptacles and Placement Requirements

Containers for refuse shall be kept upon property owned, occupied or controlled by the person who accumulated such refuse.  Containers for refuse shall not be placed at the curb for collection earlier than 10:00 a.m. on the day before collection is scheduled and shall be removed and returned to a storage point on the owner's property behind the front plane of the owner's primary structure (home or business), or in an enclosed area, not later than 10:00 p.m. on the day of collection.  (City Ordinance 70-2)

It shall be unlawful for any person to place or deposit any refuse or litter upon the property of another person or upon a street, alley, park, or other public property, or in any canal, waterway, pool or the like, or in any container upon which another person has paid the collection fee.  (City Ordinance 70-8)
Refuse shall be drained of all liquid and deposited in garbage cans or recycling carts as applicable.  Garbage cans and recycling carts when placed at curbside must be in a location accessible by the garbage trucks and in a location that will not block drainage.  If there is a parked car, mail box or other obstruction in the way, the household garbage, recycling, and yard debris/bulk items will not be picked up.  (Refer to City Ordinance 70-3)
The garbage truck drivers prefer household garbage be placed in the provided garbage cans because the cans supplied by the service provider can be picked up by the arm on their trucks, but household garbage will be collected from any receptacles that are placed curbside as long as they can be lifted.

Recycling must be placed in the Recycling Carts supplied by the service provider.  Any recycling items not placed in a recycling cart will be treated as household garbage.

Large yard debris items and bulky items such as tree limbs, furniture, etc. shall be placed to the side of the cans/carts for collection.  Small yard debris items such as leaves, grass clippings, and sticks should be bagged and placed in a garbage can or to the side of the can if it will not fit.  Leaving small items outside of a container increases the risk of creating drainage problems and flooding.  (Refer to City Ordinance 70-3)

Pick-Up Missed

If your household garbage, recycling, or yard debris/bulky item is not picked up on your normal garbage day, contact WASTE PRO via the garbage hotline at 228-205-2021, or their direct line at 228-818-5393 on the following business day.  Please do not report that your pick-up was missed on the same day you feel your pick-up was missed, because the trucks could be running late.

Need a New Garbage Can or Recycling Cart

Wastepro provides each address 1 free rolling garbage can for household garbage and as many rolling carts for recycling as needed for free.  Garbage cans are 96 gallons, but smaller receptacles can be requested if the 96 gallon can is too bulky to handle.  Recycling carts are smaller than the garbage can and have as sticker that says Pascagoula Proud on them.

Additional garbage cans may be requested for an additional cost of $2.25 per garbage can per month.  Each address can receive up to 6 garbage cans.  Broken garbage cans or recycling carts can be replaced upon request. 

Contact WASTE PRO via the garbage hotline at 228-205-2021, or their direct line at 228-818-5393 to request new, replacement, or additional garbage cans or recycling carts.

Recycling Do's & Don'ts

Accepted items for recycling:
  • Newspapers
  • Aluminum and tin cans
  • Cardboard
  • Mail and writing paper
  • All small plastic containers, including soda bottles, butter bowls, soap and detergent bottles, bleach bottles, milk jugs, etc.
  • Chipboard, such as cereal boxes
  • Catalogs and telephone books
  • Magazines
Items not accepted for recycling:
  • Any containers that contained engine oil, anti-freeze, or other chemicals of a similar nature
  • Paper Towels
  • Glass
  • Light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics, scrap metals, aerosol cans, aluminum foil or plates, plastic wrap
  • Any cardboard or paper products which have been contaminated with food (such as pizza boxes or fast food containers)
  • Plastic shrink wrap and bags, plastic film, and Styrofoam
  • Batteries
  • Paint containers
  • Plastic grocery bags

Yard Debris/Bulky Items Do's & Don'ts

Yard debris and bulky items are limited to 8' in length for curbside pick-up.  Large piles may not be able to be pick-up completely.  If only part of a pile is picked-up, the remainder of the pile will be picked up on the next regularly scheduled collection day.

Items Prohibited for Curbside Pick-Up

The following items are not eligible for curbside pick-up and the property owner or contractor shall have the duty and responsibility for removal and proper disposal of these items:
  • Hazardous Materials - Hazardous waste shall not be collected by the City nor shall such waste be placed in containers for collection by the City.  Hazardous wastes include items such as tires, motor oil, anti freeze, brake fluid, other chemicals of similar nature, and paint cans with liquid paint.  Paint cans with dried paint are not considered hazardous.  Cat litter can be mixed with paint to help dry the paint faster.  (Refer to City Ordinance 70-3)
  • Building Materials - Building materials resulting from construction, demolition, repairs, or remodeling of any building or structure.  (City Ordinance 70-11)
  • Yard Debris by Professionals - Tree trimmings and other yard debris produced by tree surgeons, landscape or tree service contractors, pulp wood cutters or other commercial worker.  (City Ordinance 70-11)

Disposal Alternatives

  • Pascagoula Public Works Dumpsters (4015 14th Street, Pascagoula) -
  • Applewhite Landfill (  Beasley Road, Gautier) - Applewhite is a commercial landfill who accepts all waste, except household garbage, large tree trunks, and hazardous waste.  Applewhite also accepts commercial waste including Building Materials and Yard Debris for a fee.  Jackson County residents can drop off yard debris and bulky items free of charge with a Jackson County car tag.
  • Jackson County Landfill (10501 Seaman Road, Vancleave) - The Seaman Road Landfill is a public landfill and is only open for Jackson County residents (not for commercial use).  Jackson County residents can drop off yard debris, a limited number of tires, recycling, and bulky items free of charge with a Jackson County car tag.
  • Talley Landfill (13229 Seaman Road, Vancleave) - Talley is a commercial landfill who accepts all waste, except household garbage and hazardous waste.  Talley also accepts commercial waste including Building Materials and Yard Debris for a fee.  Jackson County residents can drop off yard debris and bulky items free of charge with a Jackson County car tag.
  • Annual Jackson County Hazardous Waste Day Drop-Off (designated location in Jackson County) -