Minority & Women Business Enterprises

Each year state agencies, educational institutions, and municipalities purchase products and services worth millions of dollars from certified Minority or Women Businesses Enterprises (MBE/WBE). Pascagoula is committed to supplier diversity in the performance of all contracts associated with Federal and State funding.

Minority & Women Owned Businesses Directory

MBE/WBE will receive notification of opportunities to bid on Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded projects. The Community and Economic Development Department collects information about MBE/WBE located in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties on an ongoing basis and updates the Minority and Women Owned Businesses Directory (PDF) semi-annually. If your MBE/WBE is certified with the Mississippi Development Authority and you would like to be added to the Directory please send an email.

Mississippi Development Authority Minority & Women Owned Business Certification Program

In Mississippi, a MBE/WBE must be certified through the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA). For more information on certifying a MBE/WBE with the MDA, please visit the MDA Minority Ceritification Program Webpage.

Supplier Diversity

For projects funded through the Community Development Block Grant program, the City and the bidder/contractor are required to make good faith efforts to encourage the participation of MBE/WBE in accordance with applicable laws. The City shall use the Minority and Women Owned Business Directory to solicit businesses to bid on CDBG funded activities and shall provide a copy of the list to prime contractors to use when they hire subcontractors.

The bidder/contractor will be required to submit documentation to reflect the affirmative action steps taken to utilize certified MBE/WBE in the work and the intended use of these companies in the work. Documentation shall include evidence that qualified MBE/WBE have been solicited for subcontracting work and/or supplies, as may be needed to complete the work. The bidder/contractor will be responsible for participating in these affirmative steps and providing documentation to that effect.