Downtown District

3112 Canty Street

Image of multistory brick building, large, with trees overhead, a palm tree by the driveway, some fl
3112 Canty Street (PDF)
  • 9,000 Square Feet

303 Delmas Avenue

Image of three small one story buildings, one yellow, one green, one pink, with palm trees and a sid
303 Delmas Avenue
  • One bedroom - 550 Square feet
  • Two bedroom - 700 Square Feet

535 Delmas Avenue

Image of two sotry cream colored building with inset front door and six windows
535 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 600 Square Feet

609 Delmas Avenue

Image of a grassy lot with for sale sign
609 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 0.4175 Acres
  • $82,000

619 Delmas Avenue

Side view from sidewalk of tall one story building with four thin but tall windows, and a palm stree
619 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 4,360 Square Feet
  • $650,000

634 Delmas Avenue

Image of a brick rectangular building with a glass door
634 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 3,511 Square Feet

636 Delmas Avenue

Image of  storefront, connected to a strip mall, with one large glass window, a glass door, and red
636 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 3,511 Square Feet

650 Delmas Avenue

650 Delmas Avenue
650 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • 0.61 Acres
  • $450,000

702 Delmas Avenue

Image of storefront with dark awning, two glass doors, and large glass windows. A white vehicle is p
702 Delmas Avenue (PDF)
  • $150,000
  • 4,900 Square Feet

1126 Jackson Avenue

Four story building with tall glass windows and a glass door with an awning.
1126 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 27,350 Square Ft
  • $1,350,000

1303 Jackson Avenue

One story white building with three wide windows, a white front door, and a small parking lot, surro
1303 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 1,688 Square Feet
  • $212,000

1402 Jackson Avenue

Two story creamy yellow colored home, with a small sidewalk leading to front door and large grass fr
1402 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 1,646 Square Feet
  • $350,000

1503 Jackson Avenue

Image from across the road of a grassy lot, with one small tree and a blue for sale sign
1503 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 0.6 Acres
  • $150,000

1940 Jackson Avenue

Long white building with mulitple doors and windows, with a veranda type overhang
1940 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 3,200 Square Feet

2025 Jackson Avenue

Image taken from afar of a beige building with a grassy yard, and trees
2025 Jackson Avenue (PDF)
  • 4,678 Square Feet
  • $212,000

803 Live Oak Avenue

Image of a flat roofed orange building with a green door and one set of windows
803 Live Oak Avenue (PDF)
  • 1,440 Square Feet
  • $59,900

2703 Pascagoula street

Image of a two sotry home on slight hill, with port cochers, and colonade and veranda
2703 Pascagoula Street (PDF)
  • 2,249 Square Feet

3109 Pascagoula Street

Image from across the street of a corner building, brick, with green awning, and large glass windows
3109 Pascagoula Street (PDF)
  • 4,000 Square Feet
501 Krebs Avenue (PDF)
  • 7,494 Square Feet