Denny Avenue

2500 Amonett Drive

Image of a tall one story building with blue siding, glass doors and windoes beside the doors.
2500 Amonett Drive (PDF)
  • 22,392 Square Feet

4119 Amonett Dirve

One story brick building, with black doors under an awning, no windows, and a parking lot
4119 Amonett Drive (PDF)
  • 9,312 Square Feet

1041 Denny Avenue

Image of two story building with veranda and parking lot
1041 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 1,350 Square Feet

2119 Denny Avenue

Image of flat concrete lot with oen white truck parked on it and trees in th background
2111 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 0.39 Acres
  • $100,000

2225 Denny Avenue

Image of one story brick buildign with large almost full coverage windows and a parking lot
2225 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 5,628 Square Feet

3141 Denny Avenue

Image of an orange building with a pink veranda and a green awning
3141 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 3,602 Square Feet

3445 Denny Avenue

Image od long strip mall building with glass windows and a flat roof
3445 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 4,800 Square Feet

3943 Denny Avenue

Image of a cement parking lot

4507 Denny Avenue

Image of a grassy piece of land leading to a forest

4929 Denny Avenue

One story building, mostly windowed fromt with a sign over the white front door
4929 Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 18,000 Square Feet
  • 4.05 Acres
  • $795,000

Denny Avenue Walmart Property

Image from afar and across a highway of a large one story building with a veranda
Denny Avenue (PDF)
  • 1.22 Acres

Denny Avenue at Temple Road

Overgrown parking lot with a blue for sale sign
Denny Avenue at Temple Road (PDF)
  • 1.47 Acres
  • $295,000

3802 Hospital Road

Image of Small strip mall type building tihe a flat roof, and a large tall sign out front, with cars
3802 Hospital Road (PDF)
  • 1,500 Square Feet

3708 Pascagoula Street

Image of a two story brick building with white trim, an arched doorway, and patchy parking lot
3708 Pascagoula Street (PDF)
  • 2.97 Acres
  • $890,000

3108 Shortcut Road

Image of Yellow frotned warehouse type building, with bushes out front, and a small overhang, taken
3108 Shortcut Road (PDF)
  • 2.87 Acres
  • About 10,000 Square Feet
  • $650,000

3606 Shortcut Road

Smal one story building with two windows on the brick front facade and cream colored siding
3606 Shortcut Road (PDF)
  • 550 Square Feet
  • $70,000

4510 Shortcut Road

Image of a one story cream colored building with a grassy front yard, a yellow fire hydrant, and a f
4510 Shortcut Road (PDF)
  • 10,000 Square Feet
  • 3.97 Acres
  • $398,000