Quality of Life

The mission of the City of Pascagoula is to obtain the highest quality of life for our citizens by progressively providing cost effective programs and services. The City is one of the fastest growing communities in the state of Mississippi. From 2012-2013, Pascagoula had the third-highest increase of all the Coast cities at 6.2 percent.

Home to the state’s premier and busiest port, Pascagoula has long been known as an industrial powerhouse. However, Pascagoula is not only an essential industrial hub but also a culturally rich city known for its rich history, hometown feel, waterfront views, great dining, and excellent schools. It has become an attractive place for people of all ages and backgrounds looking for a thriving community with many quality of life amenities, along with natural amenities, cultural assets, and a friendly atmosphere unmatched anywhere else. The quality of life ranking is high while the cost of living remains low compared to the national average. Whether you want to visit, move, or build a business in Pascagoula, you’ll be amazed at all the City has to offer.