City Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission

The mission of the City of Pascagoula is to obtain the highest quality of life for our citizens by progressively providing cost effective programs and services.

Our Values

  • Teamwork
    An abiding respect for others and a sustaining commitment to work together.
  • Integrity
    Maintaining the highest standards of behavior. Encompasses honesty, ethics, and doing the right things for the right reasons.
  • Innovation
    Capable of extraordinary creativity and a willingness to explore new approaches to improving quality of life for all citizens.
  • Superior Service
    Committed to providing superior customer service in a timely manner to all citizens.
  • Stewardship
    Dedicated to responsible stewardship of taxpayer assets and financial resources, and to community service.

Our Vision

The vision of the City of Pascagoula is to be the best municipal organization in the State of Mississippi.


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