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Forms 1 Initial Field Investigation (UP)
Forms 1 Initial Field Investigation (UP)
Forms 1 Initial Field Investigation (UP)
Forms 1 Initial Field Investigation (UP)
Forms 1 LS Daily Check (UP)
Forms 1-A Asphalt Repair (UP)
Forms 1-B Asphalt Paving (UP)
Forms 1-C Asphalt Striping (UP)
Forms 2 LS Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms 2-A Concrete Repair (UP)
Forms 2-A Drainage Pipe Repair (UP)
Forms 2-A Gas Main Repair (UP)
Forms 2-A Gravity Main Repair (UP)
Forms 2-A Water Main Repair (UP)
Forms 2-B Concrete Striping (UP)
Forms 2-B Drainage Pipe Cleaning (UP)
Forms 2-B Gas Main New Install (UP)
Forms 2-B Gravity Main Cleaning (UP)
Forms 2-B Water Main New Install (UP)
Forms 2-C Drainage Pipe New Install (UP)
Forms 2-C Gravity Main New Install (UP)
Forms 3 Gravel Regrade (UP)
Forms 3 LS Repair (UP)
Forms 3-A Drainage Box Repair (UP)
Forms 3-A Force Main Repair (UP)
Forms 3-A Gas Service Repair (UP)
Forms 3-A Water Service Repair (UP)
Forms 3-B Drainage Box Cleaning (UP)
Forms 3-B Force Main New Install (UP)
Forms 3-B Gas Service New Install (UP)
Forms 3-B Water Service New Install (UP)
Forms 3-C Drainage Box New Install (UP)
Forms 3-C Gas Service Quote (UP)
Forms 3-C New Service Quote (UP)
Forms 3-D Gas Service Meter Repair (UtBill)
Forms 3-D Repair Meter/Box (UtBill)
Forms 3-E Gas Service Disconnect (UtBill)
Forms 3-E Water Service Disconnect (UtBill)
Forms 3-F Gas Service Disconnect (UP)
Forms 3-F Water Service Disconnect (UP)
Forms 3-G Gas Service Reconnect (UtBill)
Forms 3-G Water Service Reconnect (UtBill)
Forms 3-H Gas Service Reconnect (UP)
Forms 3-H Water Service Reconnect (UP)
Forms 4 Bumper/Space Delineator Repair/Replace (UP)
Forms 4 Gas Valve Repair (UP)
Forms 4 LS Cleaning (UP)
Forms 4 Water Valve Repair (UP)
Forms 4-A Headwall/Misc Structure Repair (UP)
Forms 4-A Sewer Service Repair (UP)
Forms 4-B Headwall/Misc Structure New Install (UP)
Forms 4-B Sewer Service New Install (UP)
Forms 4-C Sewer Service Quote (UP)
Forms 4-D Service Grinder Pump Repair/Prev Maintenance (UP)
Forms 5 Adjust Castings (UP)
Forms 5 Parking Lot Sweeping
Forms 5-A Ditch Mowing (UP)
Forms 5-A Fire Hydrant Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms 5-A Sewer Manhole Repair (UP)
Forms 5-B Ditch Cleaning (UP)
Forms 5-B Fire Hydrant Repair (UP)
Forms 5-B Sewer Manhole Cleaning (UP)
Forms 5-C Ditch Regrading (UP)
Forms 5-C Fire Hydrant New Install (UP)
Forms 5-D Fire Hydrant Blue Marker Install (UP)
Forms 5-D Rip Rap Placement (UP)
Forms 5-E Fire Hydrant Flushing (UP)
Forms 6 Adjust Castings & Gratings (UP)
Forms 6 Adjust Water Castings (UP)
Forms 6 Relief Valve Repair/Prev Maintenance (UP)
Forms 6 Reporting/Regulatory (UP)
Forms 7 Adjust Castings (UP)
Forms 7 Assist Utility Billing (UP)
Forms 7 Charts - Weekly (UP)
Forms 8-A Bridge X-sing/RR X-sing/RR Inspections - Monthly (UP)
Forms 8-A Reporting/Regulatory (UP)
Forms 8-A Sewer Reporting/Regulatory (UP)
Forms 8-B Oderization - Monthly (UP)
Forms 8-B Pressure Check (UP)
Forms 8-B Sewer Overflow Clean-up (UP)
Forms 8-C Rectifier & Potential Reads - Monthly (UP)
Forms 8-C Sampling (UP)
Forms 8-D Patrolling - Monthly (UP)
Forms 9-A Leak Survey - Yearly (UP)
Forms 9-B Large Meter Tests - Yearly (UP)
Forms 9-C Regulator Station Tests - Yearly (UP)
Forms 9-D Mail Outs - Yearly (UP)
Forms 9-E Key Valve Inspections - Yearly (UP)
Forms 9-F Business District Leakage Survey - Yearly (UP)
Forms Administrative Depts Assistance (UP)
Forms Area Litter Pick-up Before/After (UP)
Forms Area Street Sweeping Before/After (UP)
Forms Arts on the Avenue New Construction (UP)
Forms Arts on the Avenue Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Arts on the Avenue Repair (UP)
Forms Barricade Set-up/Tear Down (UP)
Forms Beach Park Cafe New Construction (UP)
Forms Beach Park Cafe Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Beach Park Cafe Repair (UP)
Forms Board Windows on City Buildings (UP)
Forms Check for Back-ups/Clean Ditches (UP)
Forms Check for Back-ups/Clean Drain Lines (UP)
Forms Check for Back-ups/Clean Inlets (UP)
Forms Check Generator Operation & Gas Up (UP)
Forms Check/Clean Drainage Weak Points (UP)
Forms City Hall New Construction (UP)
Forms City Hall Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms City Hall Repair (UP)
Forms Code Enforcement New Construction (UP)
Forms Code Enforcement Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Code Enforcement Repair (UP)
Forms Community Development Assistance (UP)
Forms Community Development New Construction (UP)
Forms Community Development Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Community Development Repair (UP)
Forms Drainage Locate (UP)
Forms Electrical Locate on City Property (UP)
Forms Engineering Dept Assistance (UP)
Forms Engineering New Construction (UP)
Forms Engineering Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Engineering Repair (UP)
Forms Fire Department Assistance (UP)
Forms Fire Department New Construction (UP)
Forms Fire Department Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Fire Department Repair (UP)
Forms Gas Up Vehicles & Equipment (UP)
Forms I don't need gas service anymore and need my gas meter removed.
Forms I need help lighting a pilot light in my house.
Forms I need new gas service.
Forms I need to change out an appliance and need to shut off the gas to my house temporarily.
Forms I need to report low gas pressure at my home/business
Forms I smell natural gas in my house, what should I do?
Forms I smell Natural Gas outside, what should I do?
Forms Library New Construction (UP)
Forms Library Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Library Repair (UP)
Forms Look for Roadway/Drainage Obstructions & Report (Engr)
Forms Move Vehicles, Equipment, Generators, and other Vital Items to High Ground (UP)
Forms My monthly gas bill was high this month and I would like someone to look into it.
Forms My sewer cleanout cap is broken or missing.
Forms My sewer service is leaking between my property line and my house/business.
Forms My sewer service is leaking between my property line and the City's sewer main.
Forms My water meter is leaking.
Forms My water pressure is lower than it usually is.
Forms My water service is leaking between the meter and my house.
Forms My water service is leaking between the street and the meter.
Forms My water smells or tastes different than it normally does.
Forms Natural Gas Locate (UP)
Forms Nature Center New Construction (UP)
Forms Nature Center Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Nature Center Repair (UP)
Forms New Install (UP)
Forms Old Depot New Construction (UP)
Forms Old Depot Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Old Depot Repair (UP)
Forms Other miscellaneous Water Utility question or Concern not listed.
Forms Other-Miscellaneous Assistance (UP)
Forms Park Pavilion New Construction (UP)
Forms Park Pavilion Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Park Pavilion Repair (UP)
Forms Parking Garage New Construction (UP)
Forms Parking Garage Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Parking Garage Repair (UP)
Forms Parks & Recreation Assistance (UP)
Forms Parks & Recreation New Construction (UP)
Forms Parks & Recreation Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Parks & Recreation Repair (UP)
Forms Planning & Building Assistance (UP)
Forms Planning & Building New Construction (UP)
Forms Planning & Building Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Planning & Building Repair (UP)
Forms Police Department Assistance (UP)
Forms Police Department New Construction (UP)
Forms Police Department Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Police Department Repair (UP)
Forms Press Release Needed (All)
Forms Public Works New Construction (UP)
Forms Public Works Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Public Works Repair (UP)
Forms Purchase Storm Supplies (UP)
Forms Remove Obstructions in Roadways (UP)
Forms Repair (UP)
Forms Report a seweage overflow.
Forms Report a water leak.
Forms Rifle Range New Construction (UP)
Forms Rifle Range Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Rifle Range Repair (UP)
Forms Road Closure Notice (All)
Forms Sand Bridges (UP)
Forms Secure Loose Items on City Property (UP)
Forms Senior Center New Construction (UP)
Forms Senior Center Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Senior Center Repair (UP)
Forms Set-up Sand Bagging Station/Monitor for Citizens (UP)
Forms Sewer Locate (UP)
Forms Stake Grave at Cemetery (UP)
Forms Sweep Sand from Bridges
Forms Temporary Lighting Set-up/Tear Down (UP)
Forms The sewer in my house or business is backed up.
Forms The water is not working at my house.
Forms There is a fire hydrant leaking or damaged and needs repair.
Forms There is an error in my water bill.
Forms Trash Can Set-up/Pick-up (UP)
Forms Water Locate (UP)
Forms Water Outage/Boil Water Notice (All)
Forms Water Plant New Construction (UP)
Forms Water Plant Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Water Plant Repair (UP)
Forms Water System/Process Repair (UP)
Forms Water Tank Daily Check (UP)
Forms Water Tank Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Water Tank Repair (UP)
Forms Water Well Daily Check (UP)
Forms Water Well Preventative Maintenance (UP)
Forms Water Well Repair (UP)