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City of Pascagoula Bonfire Permit

  1. Requested location of Bonfire*
  2. Agreement*
  3. *A representative of the Pascagoula Fire Department will stop by on the date of the Bonfire to verify compliance and answer any questions.*
  4. In order that we may be in compliance with Air Emission Regulations for the prevention, abatement and control of air contaminants, as published by the Mississippi D.E.Q. Office of Pollution Control, this permit allows ONLY the burning of natural vegetation i.e. firewood. The burning of other materials such as lumber, pallets and the like subjects you to fines from the city of $1,000 or 90 days in jail or both. (See Code of Ordinances City of Pascagoula Mississippi Sec. 1-8) In addition, you may be reported to the DEQ and face fines up to $25,000.

    All fires shall be extinguished with water only. Smothering, as with sand is prohibited. Permit expires at midnight of the date of Bonfire.

    All burning shall be completed by midnight of the permit expiration. All materials burned and unburned shall be removed at permit expiration. Any and all material not removed shall be considered a violation of the City Code of Ordinances Sec. 70-8 and subject permit holder to stated fines. This permit is not transferable, can be revoked if provisions contained herein are not complied with. The holder of this permit does herby agree that in the event of damage of person or property, HE/SHE ACCEPTS FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY.
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