State Incentives

Advantage Jobs Incentive Program
The Advantage Jobs Incentive Program is a rebate program designed to encourage businesses that create new quality jobs to locate in the state. Jobs must meet or exceed the average annual wage of the state or the county in which the company locates, whichever is lower.

Broadband Technology Tax Credit

Broadband Technology Tax Credits are credits that can be applied to state income or franchise tax of telecommunications businesses. These credits are earned based on a percentage of the cost of equipment used in the deployment of broadband technology in the state. To be eligible for the credit, the items must be sold to, billed to, and paid for by the company receiving the credit.

Free Port Warehouse Property Tax Exemption

An exemption from property taxes is available on finished goods inventory in transit to a destination outside Mississippi.

Historic Tax Credits
The Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) administers a 20% federal tax credit equal to 20% of the amount spend in a certified rehabilitation of a certified historic structure to encourage the rehabilitation of historic buildings. The property must be listed on the National Register or part of an historic district. Owner must hold the building for five years after completing rehabilitation.

A 10% tax credit is also available for the rehabilitation of non-historic, non-residential buildings constructed before 1936. The cost of the rehabilitation must exceed $5,000. At least 50% of the buildings walls existing at the beginning of the rehabilitation must remain, 75% of the buildings existing external walls must remain in place as external or internal walls, and at least 75% of the buildings internal structure framework must remain in place.

More information is available from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Industrial Property Tax Exemption
An exemption from property taxes is available to eligible industries that locate or expand in the state.

Jobs Tax Credit
Jobs tax credits are credits that can be applied to state income tax to reduce an employer's income tax liability.

Mississippi Aerospace Initiative Incentives Program

Mississippi's Aerospace Initiative Incentives program provides tax incentives to companies that manufacture or assemble components for the aerospace industry or provide research, development or training services for the sector and are looking to locate or expand in the state.

Mississippi Clean Energy Initiative Program
The Mississippi Clean Energy Initiative program allows the Mississippi Development Authority to certify companies that manufacture systems or components used to generate clean, renewable or alternative energy. This includes nuclear, solar, wind and hydro-generation.

Sales & Use Tax Exemption for Construction or Expansion

A sales and use tax exemption is available for eligible businesses that construct a new facility or expand an existing facility in the state.

Tourism Rebate Program

The Mississippi Tourism Rebate Program is a program designed to provide a tax rebate to qualified Applicants of new tourism-oriented projects within the State of Mississippi.

Complete List

For a complete list of incentives, please see the Mississippi Development Authority library and resources page.