Planning, Building and Code Enforcement

This department is responsible for land development, permitting, and maintenance of private and public properties within the City of Pascagoula.  Relying on numerous ordinances and regulations, such as those of the International Code Council, National Flood Insurance Program, Pascagoula Municipal Code and the Unified Development Ordinance, the department works with residents and contractors toward building a safer, more resilient, and attractive Pascagoula. The department is divided into three areas including Planning, Building and Code Enforcement. 
Planning and building department windowed facade and sign


The Planning division is responsible for land planning and site plan review.  Focused on short and long-term objectives, this division relies heavily on the City’s Comprehensive Plan, the Unified Development Ordinance (which includes zoning, density, sign, parking, landscaping and other regulations), Flood Hazard Prevention Ordinance, and other documents.   


The Building Division is responsible for building plan review of building plans and the inspections of buildings.  

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division addresses property maintenance and clean-up violations outlined in the Pascagoula Municipal Code.  . 

Planning and Building 

Code Enforcement 

Applications and Permits